Saturday, October 21, 2006

Annoying hubby makes for mad mummy

Sometimes I want to just rip his head off just to see if there is anything in there. The anger I felt was just heightened by a meltdown of the screaming variety from the little girl. Just a morning that I want to erase from memory and start again. I have a headache now but just writing down the firs sentence made me feel better.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy morning makes a happy mummy!

Daddy is off golfing with visiting Grampy. Brother is being almost helpful and not too annoying and the little lady had a great morning. A happy, no meltdown, art filled morning at school followed by a hug and some new words for mummy when she came home. These are the moments I enjoy. Bring them on. Now to the kitchen to make gumbo, bake a pie and just enjoy the calm. The rough waves will be back soon enough!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

rain brings happiness to the wee girl

We finally had some rain this week in the Puget Sound area and it brought with it a strange occurrence - words! The girl has been so verbal since the rain came. As though it washed the fog from her brain and helped to navigate the thoughts to her mouth. A fun few days for sure. Grampy Rick is here too so a fun time is being had by all. Days like these help temper the meltdowns and hissy fits. A new school is also being thrown into the equation but appears to be going well.

I love that fresh feeling that rain brings to the air here. I love the air being so clean and invigorating. I love walking our dog in the rain here and even manage to not get upset by the mud and mess such a walk creates. It is all part of the fun.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Another day, another meltdown!

So Alexandra is still a sick puppy and now her brother has joined her in sick bay. Today was not the best of days. My paraskavedekatriaphobia that had previously never shown itself, came out and bit me today. I am not really superstitious but days like today make me wonder! It started off in the normal way. Made breakfast, woke up children, chugged coffee. The crap hit the fan when I tried to dress Alex. She was not interested at all. Normally I mention the words school and bus and she is ready to roll but today not so much. So I force her into clothes and make myself believe she is going to be fine once the bus gets here. Not so much. Feeling like a crappy mother is not a new feeling to me but I really felt it this morning as the bus pulled away and not so much as a wave from my little cockle. I knew without a doubt that I would be going to get her in no time so I put Owen into the car and awaited the call. It came about 10 minutes later so off to school we go - whee! I arrive at school to find her teacher cleaning out her locker - today is her last day and that is sad. I had heard this may be a possibility but nothing had been confirmed so I felt a little sideswiped. She will be starting at another school Monday which is much better equipped for her needs. Although it is a great move for her, a part of me was so sad to see all her things being placed into a plastic bag and being handed to me. A strange feeling of rejection which was neither warranted or justified. Sad. Owen makes a call that there is no way he is going back home after such a short jaunt so I figure why not take them for a ride - bad plan! In my hazy brain state of late, I have been finding myself not quite as organised as before. I drive up the Kitsap peninsula, across the Hood Canal Bridge and onwards towards the Olympic peninsula - it is a beautiful day for a ride and the scenery is always pretty! After passing the point at which I normally turn around, and filled with a bravado that has no place in one so timid, I decide to continue along the road. I notice that traffic is lighter and anything but trees and fields would be hard to find. The kids are happy in the back, watching a video, drinking juice and occasionally looking out at the scenery (okay I said that to make myself feel better - there could be a brick wall there for all the notice they are taking of the outside world). At the very moment I am thinking I may have gone a little too far, the gas light comes on. Yes I really am that stupid! Panic sets in and I try to think of how long my owners manual says I have left in the tank when the light comes on. For some reason, 11 miles comes to mind. I have seen nothing approaching even an exit off the road in over 11 miles so I am not crapping my pants. I look at my phone and of course there is not so much as a tiny bar to indicate the slightest reception. A horror movie is unfolding in my mind and it is not pretty. I realise that I would not make it back to where I think the last gas station may or may not have been so I press on. Long story short, one side road, a country lane, not one person or building and about 12 miles later, I see what I believe to a Chevron sign up in the distance. It is, I make it, I fill her up and I get home with two children none the wiser that their mother is an idiot!
The afternoon was not too much better and included two meltdowns from Alexandra, two meltdowns from me and two sent to his rooms for Owen. The pediatrician was unable to see Alex until Monday which was the cause of my first meltdown - probably need to find another Doctor after that little outburst! The inability of someone to answer a simple question was the cause of the second outburst. I find people to be the main cause of my frustrations most days. I can usually gauge what my children will do and when they will do it. I can tell when Alex is going to throw herself on the floor and have a meltdown. I can tell when Owen is going to be a complete shit and have a tantrum. These things frustrate me but I can tolerate them because I know why they happen. What I cannot tolerate is people who promise to call you back and don't. People who treat you as though you are a source of annoyance to them - when in fact you are their source of income. Oh people - why?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Flu and the autistic child

Oh boy! Just when you think you have found a way to get through the day, the old germ factory kicks it up and finds a way to make your child a little less happy. The flu bug has found the house and it is merrily making its way through my sanity and helping itself to all my energy! Like that unwelcome houseguest that finds and eats your secret stash of the good chocolate, the flu needs to get the hell out of my house and take his ass elsewhere. Alex is a 3 year old who was diagnosed with autism about 18 months ago. Since that day when the rug was ripped from under us, we have managed to find a way to get into some sort of a routine that could almost seem normal. She goes to pre-school in the mornings, we go to the park or do some other artistic endeavour on those afternoons when therapies are not scheduled and, in general, we have a pretty happy existence There are meltdowns that can sap the ever loving life out of you but the clouds part and there she is with her sunny smile to make it all seem better. The smiles and occasional hugs are what keep you going. The flu is doing its best to take those smiles but I am a strong opponent and will not be vanquished. Armed with a bevy of medicines, soft tissues and patience I must have borrowed from someone, I take on the beast and I know I will slay that bitch and get it the hell out of here. I also know it will return again as they are prone to do. It is all part of the circle and our home is warm and welcoming! . I have days when I feel the weight of unfairness on me but most days I try to see only the good parts of having Alex as my daughter. I am fortunate to have a daughter who is smart, funny, sometimes sweet and always beautiful. I just wish that we were able to find the key that will unlock those parts of her kept closed. I do think we will find it, we just need to keep trying as many keys as we can - eventually one will fit.